Monday, 4 November 2013

My home renovation - The old original doors

The original bathroom door had a thick
mantle of 12 coats of paint. It took me
a week to get all the paint of.
Now, to my mind it looks much better.
Two sides of the frame I had to have
newly made, so I'll wait a while before
I treat them with oil like the door.

The living room doors had had a two-tone paint
job, beneath which were various other colours
the last of which was a very old treatment that uses 
lead, egg yolk, pigment and resin.
This was as hard as rock and took 9 days of sanding
to get rid of, because no product I bought would
shift it.

After six days I still had a lot of the hard base layer
to get rid of in all those difficult angles.
Now the doors have been oiled and rehung.
I'm so happy I persevered, although I've poisoned
myself by breathing in the old lead paint dust.