Sunday, 29 September 2013

My home renovation - floors

The entrance and bath tubs (inside & outside) 
have been coated in a very pale grey pastellone

with all these right-angles the off white paintwork
seems to have endless hues.

Looking from the entrance into the 

The kitchen and terrace pastellone 
floors are a pale putty-beige

The same putty-beige colour covers the 
built-in kitchen work surface

The putty-beige pastellone flooring 
carries on up the stairs to the bed loft

Bed loft

bed loft

Leccese stone peep-hole/air vent

Lower bathroom in Pale grey pastellone

The kitchen terrace

The putty-beige flooring picks up again from the
living room through the bedroom into the main

main bedroom

main bathroom

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clay masks

I spent a number of hours this week
happily crafting these clay masks.
I might make more and hang them 
on a wall in my new home.

Monday, 9 September 2013

My home renovation - ever closer

On stripping away the top layer of old 
paintwork from the vaulted ceiling in the 
bedroom, we were left with remnants of 
many different colours from early 20th and 
late 19th century. The effect was very 
interesting. However with the colours 
being tones of brick, pink, claret and cream, 
I decided to fade the effect with a wash off

I love this corner of the living room with all its 
angles curves and varying levels

The Mapelastic in the tubs will ensure
that no moister will seep into the 
property downstairs

The shelves in the tub room are looking