Saturday, 24 August 2013

My home renovation - August progress

The facade and side walls have been 
plastered and painted. My neighbours 
downstairs like the pebble-white colour 
so we'll carry on down the facade to
give the building uniformity.

When we pulled the old plaster from a wall in the
living room, we discovered this beautiful old
Leccese stone window frame that probably goes
below floor level to the neighbour's apartment
below. This has now become an interesting 
feature of the room.

The kitchen has been plastered, which
makes the room look tall and airy. 

The lower bathroom has been totally
plastered ready for the pastellone

The upper bathroom has also been

the boxy built-in shelves in the upper
bathroom and wardrobe look great.

The main bedroom has also received it's coat of

The bed-loft still needs the flooring
the bed construction the window and 
the wardrobe fittings

One of the moorish peep-holes I had
made for the bed-loft

The sturdy support beam for the terrace pergola
has been inserted into the stair structure on one 
side and posed upon a pillar on the other.

These stairs lead to what has now 
become my aerie. I will make cushions
for the aerie so that I can sit up there
of an evening with a glass of wine
a book or my computer, and suvey
the surrounding townscape and

The aerie!

Daytime views from the aerie.