Monday, 8 July 2013

My home renovation - little noticeable progress

The cornice on one of the corner 
columns in the bedroom has been 
stripped of plaster to reveal the 
stonework and some layers of
paint chipped from the vaulted
ceiling have uncovered an interesting
base colour .

The shelves and lamp-ledge have been
built in the middle bathroom.

On the roof terrace a technical shelter
has been built, to house the bedroom 
air-con motor, and to create storage for 
terrace furniture during the short damp 
My idea is to cover this with plant pots 
to create a raised garden. This will also 
give my neighbours terrace more privacy,
and something pleasant to look at.

The Leccese stone slabs have been laid
on top of the roof terrace walls. These 
stop the rain from soaking the more porous 
tufo stone that the walls are built with.

The structure of the terrace kitchen has been 
constructed. This will also house the second 
air con motor. The chimney has been reopened
and built a little higher with old tufo bricks that 
we'd save from demolition downstairs.

All the plumbing pipes and central-heating pipes
have been laid. Today the electrician starts work
on the entire electrical circuiting.


  1. WOW! I never knew what work you had to put into it! I'm exhausted just reading about it. In the end its one of the most beautiful kitchens ever, so I'm sure it was worth it to you! takläggare malmö

    1. Hi JD in Malmõ. It's a labour of love this home. The project is really starting to take shape now. The electrician is passing all the wiring as I write, so that next week the cosmetic work can begin. Thanks for your interest. Peter

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  3. Oh my you all went through ALOT to get to where you are now, but it was totally worth it! Looking at your kitchen is like looking at a magazine, it is simply GORGEOUS!!!! You have such an eye for style. I would love to cozy up by that fireplace and have my morning coffee!! Congrats on the magazine shoot !!!
    Lister för kök