Monday, 29 July 2013

My home renovation - moving on

Whilst the builders got on with other
things, I chipped away at the ancient
plaster to reveal the stone cornices in
my bedroom...I also like the old paint
I found on the vaulted ceiling, so I'm
going to uncover and leave that.

The lower bathroom shower is all piped
in and the floor has been prepared for 
the finishing coat of 'pastellone'.

Gianfranco the foreman, has done an 
excellent job of making this chimney-stack
 look like a smaller version of the one on the 
far corner of the terrace.

The walls of the top terraces have 
received their first coat of plaster,
and I collected the stone pole-supports
from the stone-mason that will replace
all the broken ones.

Finally all the electric wiring and piping for the
water, heating and A/C are completed.
The plasterers are now at work on the facade
and the internal walls.