Monday, 17 June 2013

My home renovation - lower bathroom, roof terraces and other jobs

The kitchen fireplace is closed and ready 
for cladding

The lower bathroom has been stripped
of all the old tiles and sanitary units. A 
wall below the window houses the flush
cistern and will serve as a shelf above
the w.c. and bidet

The tufo stone is bared and the fireplace
will be walled in on this side, as it now 
faces the kitchen.

The fireplace is now walled in and its 
base juts out into the bathroom to create 
a shower bench. 
The plumbing is ready to be plastered 
over with a resin cement. 

I spent a few hours chipping a hardened layer of
paint and varnished plaster off the tufo stone
which I will now protect and waterproof.
The triangular shaped piece I cut from a
discarded tufo stone so as to close the arch that was
open to the fireplace behind this wall.

The plumbing in the upper bathroom
is done now...but I still haven't found
ceramic tiles that I'm really happy with.

The built-in kitchen is taking shape.

This is the trough on my kitchen terrace below the
kitchen window. Here I'll keep plants and have
running water outside when I need it.

The builders have cut a hole in the bedroom wall
to house the A/C unit. So I'll need to make a screen
(to close it) that allows the air to flow freely.

The bed-loft window has been opened
to it's original size, letting lots more light
stream in.

The top terrace kitchen will be constructed against 
this wall and one of the A/C motors will be fitted here.

The old paving is being relayed on the new roof.

Two rows of tufo stones add height to
the perimeter walls of the top terraces.
That makes me feel a lot safer up there.


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  2. This is very exciting! You have great ideas for your lower bathroom and I can imagine how great this will look when the project is complete. Where did you get your inspirations for your home? I hope tyou consulted with professional contractors for your new home so that you can be sure that all your rooms will be functioning well, especially your bathroom and kitchen. :)

  3. A terrace kitchen? Interesting! You have to make sure that the terrace’s foundations are strong enough to hold your outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen will be spoiled if the foundations of its establishment is easily ruined. You also have to make sure that the AC motors will not affect the electric appliances, in case you're planning to install some. :)

  4. Wow, a roof top! This makes a good terrace and would even be better if you have a nice view up there. Using stones as the materials will last for decades. No questions asked. The challenge now is how to make this a beautiful livable outdoor space. Good luck!

    Roslyn Petermann @Twin Rivers Roofing