Monday, 20 May 2013

My home renovation - On with the kitchen

By removing a line of 'tufo' bricks, the fissure has 
been prepared for the outside section of a concrete 
support beam. A huge hole can then be cut out of 
the wall to house the kitchen's picture window.

These are the first four steps leading to 
the bed loft. This is where I'll sleep in 
winter (so as not to waste money and gas 
on heating up the master bedroom), and 
when friends come to stay.
I'm allowed to revert the small window, 
that you see at the top, to its original size 
which is four times larger.

Now that the ceiling supports have been 
taken down, the height of this room is 
evident once more.


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    1. Hello Roger. Thanks for taking an interest. I'm so looking forward to seeing the apartment finished and being able to move in and enjoy the place. There's nothing like having things tailor-made for you right? Stop by again to check on the progress. All the best to you. Peter