Friday, 3 May 2013

My home renovation - the metal cages and concrete fill

Yesterday the metal cages were threaded
through around and over the Plastbau

...and today the concrete has been poured 
over the whole lot. That now needs time 
to set and dry into a solid roof terrace.


  1. Hello to you.
    I notice that you've repinned from my Pinterest site.
    So as I'm up early I've been looking at some of your pins - its like someone else sees through my eyes !
    The project you're working on looks great, I'm going back to look at more of your pins.

  2. Hello Diane.
    I like you comment here. I saw some lovely images on your pinterest boards and blog pages too. It must be beautiful in Brittany. Last year I chose to move to Salento (Southern Puglia, Italy), It's a part of the world I fell in love with years ago and always promised myself I'd live here one day. That day came exactly a year ago and I'm so happy to be here. Happy painting. Peter

  3. It's great to know that you're having a great progress with your home renovation. Flat roofs are practical in many ways. They're cheap and easy to maintain and you can use it as a floor for your terrace. Good going, Peter!


  4. It's fascinating to see your house renovation progress, Peter! I like your ideas for the whole house, especially this flat roof you're scheming. Flat roofs are durable and easy to maintain. And while that is the case, you thought better and planned to build a terrace on it. Good work!
    Royal Roofing & Siding