Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My home renovation - Plastbau roofing

The Plastbau panels are now laid ready for the 
metal cages that will fit into the grooves and all 
around the perimeter. 
I'm amazed that we can walk on these polystyrene 
panels without them snapping under foot.
Tomorrow is a holiday so I guess the metal cages
will be laid on thursday. Day by day we're getting


  1. From the demolition of the roof way up to here, there’s obviously been good progress! Renovation is really a long process but with this, I'm sure it's closer to the end. Anyway, wish you well and I hope your patience pays off soon when the renovation is finished. :)

    Terry Arnold

  2. Hello Terry. I need to be patient now as the concrete on the new roof dries. In a week or so we'll be able to forge ahead with the rest of the renovation. Thanks for the encouragement, getting in touch and following, I really appreciate it. All the best to you. Peter

  3. If those polystyrene panels are able to support a man’s full weight, then they’ll definitely last you for years to come. Hopefully you aren’t having problems with your roof as of yet. How’s the rest of the house doing, btw?

    Kent @ Knox’s

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