Thursday, 18 April 2013

My home renovation - Never trust a Civil Engineer

demolishing the very solid roof terrace

These rods, that were installed to strengthen 
my roof terrace, look pretty healthy to me. 
Some have the thinest coating of rust after 
more than 50 years buried in concrete.
They are 14mm thick and my builders are
having a hell of a time trying to demolish
the roof terrace. Whilst my neighbours have
to suffer the noise and vibrations.
So it appears I'm paying a fortune and have a 
month added to my schedule to rip out a 
roof that was perfectly good and sturdy.
All thanks to a civil engineer who deemed the
roof unsafe. I doubt a bomb would have 
destroyed it.
I will never in my life consult one of those 
nurds again, and never would I recommend 
anyone to consult a civil engineer.
I now suspect they work on commission from 
the roofing companies. 


  1. Hello Peter,

    That's too much, I know what that must have cost also! Sue the bastards! Really sorry to see you have to deal with professionals that just aren't.


  2. Hello Ivan. It helps to have a sympathetic ear..thanks. I now have to get over the anger about the waste of time and money. Ufff.

  3. Yesterday I found out that the civil engineer was wrong and that the rust, he was so worried about has affected a fraction of a millimeter on 14 millimeter diameter rods. Therefore I now find my demolished roof terrace would have stayed sturdy for at least 200 years. I'd like to pulverise the bones of the engineer and use them in the cement for the new roof. That's about all he's good for.

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