Friday, 5 April 2013

My home renovation - Easter break

The bathroom ceiling/loft is constructed
and the shower entrance is now slimmer
and lower.

The cement floor of the loft has been
spread onto the bathroom ceiling

Bathroom shelves have been constructed

Supports are in place to enable the demolishing
and rebuilding of the kitchen roof.


  1. Home renovation is really a long process, but compare to your previous posts, this is definitely a good improvement. How's the construction, by the way? I hope everything goes according to your plan. I'm looking forward to see the results. :)

    ==Kip Whitehead

    1. Thanks Kip. We've just taken the roof of a room, to find it wasn't necessary after all. This will put work back a month and it's cost me a fortune. Oh the trials of reconstruction!

  2. Looks good, so far. Would definitely love to see how it finishes out. Would the loft be closed off or be an open thing so they can look down from the room?

    Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska

    1. Hello Terry. Thanks. I thought log and hard about the bed-loft, and decided to close it off from the kitchen as I didn't want the smell of cooking to go into the sleeping area. What I have done though, is to have small stone inserts built into the wall. These inserts have a narrow arch cut into them (like the slits for shooting arrows from inside a castle's walls) so I'll be able to peep down into the kitchen from above. All the best. Peter