Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My home renovation - the roof terrace

Gianfranco working on the roof terrace

material for the new roof

the roof with the Leccese flagstones removed

The Lecceses flagstone...still so clean and new 
looking on the underside

Livio with his wheelbarrow, shifting all the roof

The Leccese flgstones piled up for reuse once the
structure of the new roof terrace is poured and dried


  1. I just visited Italy for the first time- I can't imagine what it's like renovating such historical looking structures! I'm doing some exterior remodeling on my NJ home, but I'm sure the processes are very different. Looking forward to reading more about the renovation! Best of luck

    1. Hello Jess. There are plenty of restrictions here in the historical centers of these old Salento towns. I'm redoing my roof terrace because we found that the job done 60 years ago was showing signs of weakness. The vaulted ceiling that have been there for about 120 years are still solid and healthy though. All the best to you too for the work on your place. Best wishes. Peter

    2. Yesterday I found out that the civil engineer was wrong and that the rust, he was so worried about has affected a fraction of a millimeter on 14 millimeter diameter rods. Therefore I now find my demolished roof terrace would have stayed sturdy for at least 200 years. I'd like to pulverise the bones of the engineer and use them in the cement for the new roof. That's about all he's good for.

  2. Interesting blog post! It's a good thing that you've found the roof's weakness. How’s the renovation going so far? I wish you all the best!
    - Soo Eaton

    1. Hello Soo. Thanks for your wishes. As the builders started to demolish the roof terrace they found that the structure was perfectly fine and would have lasted many many ears yet. In fact they've had a hard job to pull it down. and they still haven't finished after four days hard graft. So it's a complete waste of time and money. I'll post all further progress, until completion, on here. Stay tuned :-) All the best to you too. Peter

  3. That looks so fresh and clean now! Well done, and in such a short amount of time too. Look forward to seeing what you do with the big house!

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