Thursday, 28 March 2013

My home renovation - day 10

Disaster! After checking the health of
the ceiling we decided it needs to come
down, to make way for a healthy new 
ceiling/roof-terrace. That's costing me a 
pretty penny :-(

The bathtub starts taking shape

Looking from within the bathtub to the
entrance of the apartment.

The sewer pipe makes it's way to the 
en-suite bathroom

The doorway to the en-suite bathroom
and the supports for the lowered ceiling

Shower partition in the en-suite bathroom.
No...I'm not happy about this opening
I'll have to alter it. It needs to be small
for a better final effect.

Higher doors and lower ceiling in the
en-suite bathroom, creating a useful
storage loft

closed up the old staircase entrance from 
what is now the wardrobe off the en-suite 

now the terrace staircase is accessed 
from the living room...

...with a moorish style opening


  1. I was wondering how the work was progressing. A lot going on - sorry the new ceiling has to go up but better now than to take a chance! It's coming on well, it's going to be beautiful and worth the anguish!
    Happy Easter...

  2. Hello Ivan, I hope you're well. Yeah...better to be safe than sorry right? The builders have stopped working now until after Easter when they'll begin the demolition of the kitchen roof and terrace. I hope you have a happy Easter yourself. Thanks for your concern and encouragement :-) Peter

  3. Were you going for a Moorish-inspired style? Interesting. Adding a sense of cultural feel to your house sounds amazing! How did the renovation turn out? I hope everything went pretty well. I would love to see your house all complete with those jewel-toned color palette, once you’re done revamping it. Have a nice day!

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders