Thursday, 28 March 2013

My home renovation - day 10

Disaster! After checking the health of
the ceiling we decided it needs to come
down, to make way for a healthy new 
ceiling/roof-terrace. That's costing me a 
pretty penny :-(

The bathtub starts taking shape

Looking from within the bathtub to the
entrance of the apartment.

The sewer pipe makes it's way to the 
en-suite bathroom

The doorway to the en-suite bathroom
and the supports for the lowered ceiling

Shower partition in the en-suite bathroom.
No...I'm not happy about this opening
I'll have to alter it. It needs to be small
for a better final effect.

Higher doors and lower ceiling in the
en-suite bathroom, creating a useful
storage loft

closed up the old staircase entrance from 
what is now the wardrobe off the en-suite 

now the terrace staircase is accessed 
from the living room...

...with a moorish style opening

My home renovation - Day 4

adding height to the bedroom door

Opening the terrace wall for a floor to
ceiling door so as to be able to lie in
the bathtub and look at the cathedral
bell-tower and the blue Salento sky.

Rubble on the first floor terrace

The bathtub door opening to the terrace

Opening up the fireplace to face the kitchen and 
making the entrance higher so I won't have to bend
or bang my head all the time

The ugly brick fireplace has been