Monday, 3 December 2012

Otranto tiles

Down trodden. These tiles have been walked over
by the thousands of tourists that visit Otranto every
I like their simple design in anthracite and ivory,
and their test to time and weather. 


  1. Hello Peter,
    Stunning floor! Unusual design for me but maybe not in that part of the world? Medieval or bone-like - well spotted as there must be a lot to see skywards or were you looking down at the ruined Premiata trainers... (appreciated the photographs of the Bauxite lake and at such a cost!) The house yesterday was... simply a dream - the outside dinning room and lighting are perfection for me. Is he the architect you will be using by any chance? Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes, Ivan

    1. Hi Ivan. I threw the shoes in the the washing machine and they're looking fine now...pheew! Luca is not my architect, my architect is Claudio a friend of mine, although I think Luca and Claudio have very compatible tastes. They both play with clean modern shapes and light. Thanks for keeping in touch, I'm always happy to hear from you. Peter

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