Friday, 16 November 2012

My New Home Project

I bought this place in Nardò and am now
about to embark on transforming it into
a comfortable home for me and my friends.
Wish me luck!


  1. Hello,
    What an exciting project, loving the high ceilings and terraces. Looking forward to see what you do with it. Great blog/taste by the way, so... Good luck!

    1. Hello Ivan. Thanks for your kind message and for following my blog. I could put on weight just by looking at your blog. What a lot of fantastic dishes. I'm going to take a better browse through your blog and follow it. All the best to you. Peter

  2. The space looks very ideal for renovation! Oh, my mind is itching with design ideas now! :D Anyway, what are your plans for these significant spaces? Good luck to your new home project, by the way! =)

    Justin Bill

    1. Thank you Justin. I just finished the plans and will create 3D images with an architect friend of mine before embarking on the actual restructuring. The two rooms with the vaulted ceilings can't be altered structurally and the facade must keep it's original form as the building is in the center of an historic town. With those limitations in mind, I've worked on giving the kitchen/dining room and the bathrooms a modern twist whilst still retaining original elements and atmosphere. There are still bargains to be found in real estate here in Puglia, so if you're interested... Thanks again. Peter