Friday, 23 December 2011

OK. Get this...Salami and Shoes

Agua & Food

Agua & More

Agua del Carmen

Well did you ever! There is a new 'concept' store
in Milan since a couple of weeks, and it could be
a least I've never seen the likes of it before.

On one side of the store there's a marble slab table, 
above which hangs an array of salami sausages, on the 
other side the shelves display shoes. So whilst you try 
on a pair of Moma shoes or a pair of Premiata trainers, 
you can sample a slice of Italian salami.

This unusual store is called Agua & Food/Agua & More,
and can be found opposite the original women's wear store, 
Agua del Carmen in Via Cesare Correnti, 23 - Milan - Italy. 

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  1. Ciao!

    Ti ringraziamo infinitamente per essere stato tra i primi a scrivere di noi e del nostro negozio.
    Ti aspettiamo in via Cesare Correnti 28!

    Il team Agua & Food | Agua & More