Monday, 28 November 2011

HOSTEM - The One Room Hotel - JAMESPLUMB

From the moment you step through the stripped
wooden front door of HOSTEM at number 
41- 43 Redchurch Street, London E2,
you breathe a different air and sense a shift in
sensibility. The stimuli are brought about by your 
reaction to the decor and ambience in this unique
menswear store. Everything you look at is 
interesting and begs investigation. 
The  interior was created by the design duo 
JAMESPLUMB (see below).
The people who welcome you into this two 
room space are friendly and effortlessly cool. 
The fact that they know they are in a special place, 
translates into positive energy.
Then there's the impressive roll call of designers 
represented on the racks. 
HOSTEM is altogether a good experience.

Together HOSTEM and JAMESPLUMB created 
The One Room Hotel

At the same address but with a separate entrance, this
is an opportunity to live the JAMESPLUMB experience.
Apparently you have the feeling of being transported 
into a Dickensian space and time.
I can well believe this, as a while ago I attended a 
JAMESPLUMB installation at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi 
in Milan. The ambience that JAMESPLUMB had created
at Orlandi's space was nostalgic and comforting in a
tattered, rusty way, yet contemporarily tinged with irony
and originality.

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