Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cioccolati Italiani

It's my great fortune, that at about 250 meters from my apartment in Milan I
can stop by one of the 3 'Cioccolati Italiani' gelateria/bar/restaurants that exist
in Italy. On a summers evening I can treat my taste buds to one of the most
delicious ice-creams I have ever tasted. During the winter months when I need
to satisfy a desire for chocolate, a cup of their thick hot chocolate really does
the trick. I can also recommend their fresh and interesting salads or pasta dishes
at midday.

There are two 'Cioccolati Italiani' in Milan:
Via De Amicis, 25 and Via San Raffaele, 6 (near the Duomo)

And one in Gallipoli in Puglia:
Via Cavalieri di Rodi, 13

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