Monday, 26 September 2011

White Milano September 2011

Just a few photos taken, at the White Milano
trade fair for the women's summer 2012

km/a at 'White Milano'

Just as I found last season, the most inspirational and 
original collection at 'White Milano summer 2012'
was that of 'km/a' by Katha Harrer & Michael Ellinger
For me it's a joy and an experience to be in a space 
surrounded by their beautiful creations.

Check out their facebook page:

or their website:

Palladium Boots

I bought my first pair of Palladium Boots in Paris, back in 
1980 when I lived there, and since, I've bought perhaps
20 more pairs (and lost half of them moving around europe).
As far as I'm concerned Palladium Boots will never 
go out of style...they're a classic.


Check out these videos of Pharrell Williams in Japan that can be
found on the Palladium website. Pharrell talks to his Japanese 
friends about the reaction to the 3/11 earthquake/tsunami.
Hit the link below:

My HTC Belt (Hollywood Trading Company)

What I like about this belt, apart from the brass studs,
supple leather and general aesthetic appeal is the weight's heavy!

My Timberland Boot Company Shoes

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hospes Palacio Del Bailio - Còrdoba

Looks like a great place to spend a day or 
two...or three.

Paolo Badesco Interior Design - Milano

Another design store in Milan that I like to visit every 
now and then, is that of Paolo Badesco. In this small 
shop there are some really interesting pieces to be 
found. The raw uncovered couch in the photo is a
favorite of mine. Take a look at the 'Archive' pages
on the website:

Paolo Badesco Interior Design
Corso Magenta 96
20123 Milano

Spazio Rossana Orlandi - Milano

Outside exhibition space

Eclectic collection of pieces

Computer desk, printer table and chair

Love the colours

A snail bench below ant-egg lights

a screen of mineral water bottles

Nylon bag plant pots

Inside the shop - second floor

Topographic chair

Beautiful ceramic insects

A very 'Margiela' couch

These ceramic jugs appear to be made of hide

A.V. perfumed candles. Olfactory delight!

These are the doors of a cupboard, everything
you see is set in transparent resin

Rossana Orlandi

Spazio Rossana Orlandi is an Aladin's Cave
of unusual design pieces many of which are
one-offs. Rossana herself is one of the great
characters of Milan, as unique as the design
pieces she collects. If you're coming to Milan
then this gallery/store is well worth a visit.
You'll probably have to ring the door bell for

Spazio Rossana Orlandi
Via Matteo Bandello 14
20123 Milano