Friday, 23 December 2011

OK. Get this...Salami and Shoes

Agua & Food

Agua & More

Agua del Carmen

Well did you ever! There is a new 'concept' store
in Milan since a couple of weeks, and it could be
a least I've never seen the likes of it before.

On one side of the store there's a marble slab table, 
above which hangs an array of salami sausages, on the 
other side the shelves display shoes. So whilst you try 
on a pair of Moma shoes or a pair of Premiata trainers, 
you can sample a slice of Italian salami.

This unusual store is called Agua & Food/Agua & More,
and can be found opposite the original women's wear store, 
Agua del Carmen in Via Cesare Correnti, 23 - Milan - Italy. 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Toyota Fun-Vii Futuristic EV Concept Car

WOW! For real? Amazing concept for a car. Not even in science-fiction
have we encountered such an idea.

Bridgestone Air-Free Concept Tyres

These new tyres from Bridgestone could save a lot of hassle and be much
safer...with no air, there's no blow-out. They're also 100% recyclable.
They look cool too!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Green Flight Challenge 2011, sponsored by Google

Great initiative by google!

Farmer Brian's 'Timberland Boot Company' boots

Farmer Brian's boots.

DADA stores - Milan and Salò

In Via Gian Giacomo Mora 12, a quaint old street
in Milan, there's a space called DADA.
A store in which you may feast your eyes upon
carefully selected objects, accessories and clothes
of beauty and originality.
You will be welcomed by friendly staff into the 
ambience created on the ground and basement floors 
of an old Milanese palazzo.
The other store in Italy is in Salò on the west shore 
of Lake Garda about 90 minutes east of Milan.
Check out their website for updates of events,
including culinary happenings. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

A little modernity in the Bathroom doesn't hurt a bit

These contemporary bathrooms have clean modern
architectural lines which, to my mind, in a bathroom 
or a kitchen work very well